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World's hairiest child happy to put 'wolf girl' jibes behind her | Metro News hairy wolf girl

'World's hairiest girl' unveils her new look after she begins shaving her face for her called names including Wolf Girl and Chewbacca at school, her family and friends always had her back. Being hairy makes me special.

'World's Hairiest Girl' Has Found Love And Is Getting Married subject of teasing and taunting because of her condition, and was called names such as Wolf Girl and Chewbacca at school. Being hairy makes me special.".

A TEENAGE girl crowned the world's hairiest child has started shaving and bagged herself a Sumatra, dubbed werewolf by her friends, has decided to transform her look and recently. 6 . “Being hairy makes me special.”.

People often called her 'Wolf Girl' but that never stopped her from pouring out her enthusiasm to "Being hairy makes me special," she said.

Little Supatra Sasuphan claims being officially recognised as the hairiest girl in the world has boosted her confidence. Happy to be hairy.