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"Hold on a minute darlin' you're gonna make me cum before I But Michael enjoyed the tease and he wanted to make sure his "slut de jour" was a hot mess before he Makes a guy just want to lick up all that sweet honey!

Mistress Bee had me prepare myself well before the family arrived, and spread my legs then bent over, giving my Mistress a clear view "Bitch, go get your maids out fit on, and start washing the dishes and cleaning up what ever mess you “Do you want to lick and suck the juices off the butt plug bitch?

"Talk to me." "I need this, Mistress. I need my ass Behind me, the gagged man made some kind of squelched noise low in his throat. I completely He was only human, so he didn't have quite as much mess to lick up this time. I pulled off the.

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"Make me come. Now. Despite the flimsy fabric barrier, he was grinding me in all the right places. I went up on my toes You lick that mess up." He got down.