Despite Losing Limbs To Possible Dog Lick, WI Man Loyal To Pet | Milwaukee, WI Patch - 2 dogs lick guy


Dog's lick leads to amputation of man's legs and hands 2 dogs lick guy

WI Man Loyal To Dog - Milwaukee, WI - "We just love her to death," the WI man said Dog Licks Wisconsin Man; His Legs And Hands Had To Be He was out of the in-patient rehab unit in about two weeks, learning to move.

A MAN who had all his limbs amputated and lost his nose after a dog licked him has the rare blood infection from a dog's lickCredit: AP:Associated Press Manteufel had been at a party two days before he became ill.

Capnocytophaga canimorsus is a bacteria commonly found in dogs and cats. report, which aptly called the sepsis-causing bacteria the “lick of death.” Two dogs mauled their owner to death while she was walking them in.

Man Who Lost Arms, Legs and Nose After Being Licked by Dog Says RELATED: Man Who Had Limbs Amputated Due to Dog Lick Leaves.

Man's legs, hands amputated after a dog's lick: 'He still loves his dog' a full recovery after two weeks of intensive care, according to a