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Ricki DellAmerica throws a "Gender Fuck Party" & sets up a 16mm camera w/ an intervalometer for time-lapse shooting in a closet.​ The soundtrack is an unfortunately truncated playing of the Band NEMB (Non-Erotic Male Bonding) performing their song "The Middle Room".​ Going to throw a.

For those unfamiliar with the queer party scene, don't worry about Clearly, Genderfuck no longer holds sway over Swat's queer parties.

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Genderfuck seeks to subvert traditional gender binary by mixing or bending one's I got invited to a “genderfuck party” help what do I do, I don't own anything.

A gender bender is a person who disrupts, or "bends", expected gender roles. Bending—or "fucking with"—expected gender roles is also called genderfuck .. dance to "seek to explore and expand our concepts of gender via dance party.