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Each sterile strip is impregnated with mg of fluorescein sodium USP. NOTE: Contents may not be sterile if individual strip package has been damaged or.

Fluorescein strips are an essential diagnostic tool in eye care. Sterile filter paper (e.g., Whatman no. 1) Be careful not to spill, as fluorescein leaves stains.

Generic Equivalent to Bio-Glo® Fluorescein Sodium 1 mg Ophthalmic Strip Box Strips Hub No Image Strips. Dispenser carton containing sterile strips; Rose Bengal ophthalmic strips are used as a diagnostic agent in routin .

Fluorescein Sodium Sterile Ophthalmic Strips safely stain the anterior segment of the eye to Product No. # CFM Technologies, Inc. Fluorescein Strips.

Fluorescein can be instilled by wetting the strip with two drops of sterile unpreserved Although the strip should not be applied directly onto the cornea, it can be.