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Does anyone have the instructons for piss and moan card game - Answers piss and moan card game

PISS AND MOAN OR (AGONY) 1. 2 SETS OF 3 2. 2 RUNS OF 3 3. 1 RUN OF 4 & 1 SET OF 3 4. 2 SETS O.

The game is card-based, with no board, player pieces, or dice. Two types . card. He tells his story as in the “Piss & Moan” round, but taking less time for his turn.

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William Tanksley writes "Anyone here remember the Illuminati card game? It seems that Steve Jackson Games got enough complaints about.

his smart play “saved the table,” or I 'll root loudly for the dealer's draw card to be a I 'II also piss and moan loudly when I lose a hand due to a miracle draw by the after losing a few consecutive hands such as, “I can never win at this game.