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Across Ontario, the Alternative Measures Program (AMP for short) is referred to by a AMP is generally not available for serious violent offences, offences using a firearm, What is the adult alternative measures program?

The Adult Alternative Measures Program (AMP), is a diversion program that is designed for individuals who have no criminal record (or a dated criminal record), and who have been charged with a minor criminal offence.​ Alternative Measures and Your Criminal Record:​ How can I get my.

Statement of Alternative Measures Policy for Adults and Organizations. . whether a conditional sentence is available;; the impact on the.

Alternative Measures: Dealing with Criminal Charges without Going to Jail However, in Ontario there are several routes through the criminal justice Typically, mental health diversion is only available if there are reasons to and may involve requirements similar to adult diversion programming, like.

The most common alternative measures programs assigned to youth are two jurisdictions (Ontario and Yukon) had exclusively post-charge programs (i.e. . Figure II Types of pre-charge diversion programs available for referrals of youth.