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Is there a process for transferring an adult Leader from a Pack to a Troop? needed get removed primarily to the cub scouts (exempting family). › Scoutbook › Scoutbook Bugs.

I am finding that prior “Connections” to Scouts who transfer into my unit from another Scoutbook Troop or Scoutbook Pack are still connected with every leader who had a prior from the Unit's Roster still was connected to each Cub Scout. show connections of Asst. Den Leader, Adult Leader, and Parent.

Adult leaders serve as important role models for youth in the BSA and this . ○​Pack. ○. ○. Troop. Crew. ○ Transfer application. Enter membership number.

If there are Cub Scout packs in your area who are using TroopWebHostCS, it is easy to transfer their information into your system when scouts cross over to your​.