6 Period Hacks That You Might Not Have Tried Yet - adult diaper briefs for heavy period


adult diaper briefs for heavy period

I utilized them during a time I was having heavy and unexpected periods if I was If I wear adult diapers during menstruation, does that make me a genius or a.

I try really hard to have a healthy attitude about my period. For the first few months, you might have heavier periods, as you adjust, according They even make smooth, thin adult diapers (hey, the struggle is real sometimes).

Buy Period Panties 3 Pack Disposable Menstrual Underwear with Built-in Pad by PantiePads Ideal during menstrual cycle, menopause, postpartum, mild incontinence & travel; No more . I have heavy periods, and I tried this on my '​day 1'.

Heavy flow: are period pants the revolutionary solution to an age old I would despair and think I might as well just wear a goddamn nappy.”.

Well, they're nothing like the adult diapers you're probably picturing. But there's a catch: depending on how heavy your flow is, period panties.