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Auctions last for 7 days, and you can bid anytime during that period. Place the winning bid and get that domain name that you've been keeping an eye on. You may also place a proxy bid! If someone else places a higher bid, the system will automatically bid for you until your maximum bid amount is reached.

Subscribe to our Expiring Domains RSS feed and stay up-to-date on all of the new expiring names being placed in our auctions. Instead of buying traffic through search engine ads, buy an expiring domain that already has traffic from its previous business! Buying an expiring domain means you can benefit from the value and authority of domain names that were in use up until very recently.

It's already there! Benefit from a domain name that has already been in use and has received backlinks from other websites. Why is this a good thing? More backlinks means better rankings in search engines! Domains are automatically listed for auction 25 days after the domain name expires. The current registrant can reclaim the domain from redemption up to 42 days after expiration. If the current registrant renews the domain, the auction is canceled and any bids are refunded.

Of course, GoDaddy knows, so instead of letting that name expire and it going to a drop catching service, they hold it and auction that name off to the highest bidder. With this system you can easily buy completely worthless domains. A domain is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Also, it is worth as much as someone has the ability to build a website on it and make money out of the website. Domains are a modern form of Gold Rush.

You can also see premium domains on the auction with highly inflated prices.

Expired Domain Auctions

For some of these domains you pay for the keyword or for the brandable name. These are not dissimilar to buying a painting. The main problem here is the following: If you know what you are doing, you can buy the same quality domains, sometimes even better ones, far cheaper. You never find gold in the closeouts, but occasionally, you do find silver.

Expired Domain Auctions

You can purchase names in there that can be flipped 24 hours later for a handsome profit. If you do this, the best thing is to spend the vast majority of time examining the auctions, rather than the closeouts. The metrics that are provided by GoDaddy are pretty scarce.

You can see the bids, the age of the domain, the views how many times the domain listing was viewed and some traffic value that is not very reliable. It takes a lot more than that to buy quality expired domains.

Earlier, when I was a newbie, I bought a few expired domains just based on their age, without much success.

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I put in a lot of work to write content, etc. It takes a lot more than that. In order to analyze any domains, you will need to analyze its backlinks structure for numbers and for spam. You will need certain tools for this. There are several backlink checkers and what you need to know is that they all lie to a certain degree. Some will give you only 20 percent of the links, some will give you links that have been deleted a long time ago.

In reality you would need to find all backlinks and verify them one by one, which is not a viable way of doing business. The method I describe here is a shortcut that will save you time but may be wrong. You should download the free version of SEO Spyglass. If you do this regularly, I recommend investing in a paid license This is the most inexpensive tool out there.