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On one of these, I came across a thread once in which a guy had a whole inventory of about 30 domains. I came across some of the domains before on GoDaddy Closeouts while scrolling through them earlier.

On an average, he must have sold at least domains per day. Now the biggest question that arises is that people can purchase domains from GoDaddy itself. So, Why will this method work? Well, No. Not all people are aware of the GoDaddy Auctions. The price for aged domains has always been somewhat overrated. They think aged domains only come in three figures. When they find one for two, they grab the opportunity.

This method is one of those methods I can usually guarantee that would work. PE NET. CO NOM. ES NOM. AG ORG.

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Click that link to complete your account verification and have your bid limits removed. Username or Customer:. Auctions Domain Name Aftermarket. Advanced Search. Join Now Already an Auctions member? Search Results to Return 15 25 50 Extensions COM.

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Dashes Digits Patterns: Appraisal Invite-Only On Sale. Traffic Min: Account Verification. Please wait while we verify your account with your PayPal account info. The bot bidders are certainly not price sensitive.

So I see the same inventory becoming available for human bidders, but at higher prices. Surely more people would bid in auctions rather than wait for them to hit closeouts though.

So it would be a win for GoDaddy.

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I see no benefits to regular domainers. So if it pushes you to bid on the regular auction, that would drive the appropriate behavior for an auction I think. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Learn more Comments that sounds like an excellent fix… Loading I appreciate the input Andrew Loading