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GoDaddy is definitely the current registrar.

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Are you saying GoDaddy must have auctioned it to someone else when it expired even though I had already bought it through them? Stick to trolling Google threads.

It depends on whether it was exclusively listed as an auction or for sale. Some registrars will auction expired domain names. There is a grace period where the registrant of a domain name can still renew the domain name. This illustrates it: Godaddy does not indicate, from what you've said, if the sale happened on Godaddy's site. However the domain may have been transferred between accounts on Godaddy with the payment being handled externally. The original registrant could have received a higher offer.

It might have been listed on more than one domain name site. The whole expired domain name auction thing is intended to make more money for the registrars in that they are effectively subverting the normal renewal process by moving expired domain names on to their auction site rather than letting them drop naturally as per the domain life cycle above. It does look like you "bought" a domain that had already been sold.

It likely never got to an auction. If Godaddy had originally acquired from another registrar it may have gone through the auction process if there was more than one backorder offer but they likely never snatched the domain away from the original owner whether the original owner renewed it, or sold it privately. In the end, you were refunded your offer End of story. Back to trolling in domain names since jmcc prefers I don't.

The actual owner did email me asking for my GoDaddy account number and email address about a week or so after I made the purchase.

[ Godaddy Auctions Domain Transaction Assured ]

I check with GoDaddy and they said that was standard operating procedure so I replied with my info. Never heard from him again and then a few weeks later GoDaddy informed me that the domain was not mine after all. It's frustrating. I was assured by GoDaddy in chat and on the phone that the domain was legally mine and there was nothing to worry about when I inquired as to why the transfer was taking so long.

Lucy, I'm having trouble retrieving that kind of info. Does it matter? So if name was 10k you keep 2k in deposit with them.

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When you buy a house you put down escrow if you fail to follow throw the escrow goes to owner. If a deal goes bad with a company buy-out, guess what GD a break up fee is involved. This is how you solve it. You get the losers and deadbeats out of making BS offers.

I have just solved this for you Godaddy now go implement this. This took me 3 minutes to solve and your on year 10 trying to figure this out. But you can stop it with money. I also have a problem with deadbeat sellers. WOW DonnyM hit it on the head of the nail. You get a deposit that is an incredible idea and should be required going forward. That would solve it, but will Godaddy and the rest do it? The domain not closed in the first request.

I had a bizarre experience with GD last month. When I checked on the ownership status, sure enough, it had been transferred out of my name and into the name of someone else. I called Go-Daddy and was told that they had no record of any transaction, or payment from a buyer, or to me, for any domain names in the last year. If you have any advice, I welcome it.

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I dont even know how to pursue any possible remedy on this, or even if there is one. The whole thing was pretty hokey. That sounds very strange. I would look into it further than. KKR, the leveraged-buyout firm run by Henry Kravis and George Roberts, invests in private equity, debt and capital markets.

Michael Berkens, Esq. Michael is also the co-founder of Worldwide Media Inc. Michael was also one of the 5 Judges selected for the the Verisign 30th Anniversary. Com contest.

Time to get out — get out — get out — get out — get out — get out before all the non. On paper GD might not be turning a huge profit, but their massive market share and revenue are worth a lot in itself.

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GD is my preferred registrar because of pricing, and VIP support. If any of that changes significantly I would certainly explore other options. The best buy on the board is VeriSign at 5.

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Bulls Yes — downhill — and fast over the course of years And Bob Parsons will just take the money and buy a small country in Africa — so he can shoot all the elephants he wants. These are the best matches for your search, almost always expensive premium domains that you should ignore. You can understand here the entire domain expiration process.

Here is a screenshot of expired domains for sale:. Bidding in the last two minutes of an auction adds an extra two minutes to the auction, in order to avoid sniping. On the screen you will see the number of bids, the current price, traffic, GoDaddy value estimate and the time left.

Just Another ‘Go-Nowhere’ Transaction at GoDaddy’s Aftermarket for Domains; WTF?

You can also see a traffic number, however you should take this with a grain of salt. Many people buy expired domains for traffic. I just randomly checked a domain from the above screenshot, sewsol. This is only kind of domain you can buy here without a membership: These are domains that are in the last 5 days of their lives just before deletion. They are just domains that nobody wants. The majority of domains have zero or one bidder.

If you win a domain at the expired domain auction, you will be surprised to see that in addition to the auction domain price you will also be charged a yearly domain renewal fee, which is not mentioned until you actually have pay for your domain. I consider this an underhanded sales tactic.

If no one bids in the first auction and no one buys it in the second closeout, then GoDaddy releases the name altogether and it is eventually deleted and released, making it available for general registration.

In addition to the above-discussed expired domain auctions, you will also see other auctions that have been created by members. They will use a format of either:.

Besides buying on Go Daddy Auctions, you can also sell your own domains with these four categories or buy its premium domains for sale. In exchange for allowing sellers to list their domains, they charge a percentage of the sale price once the domain is sold. When someone posts a listing, its has a duration of three months, unless they chose the 7 day auction option.

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When a buyer wins a domain name, GoDaddy Auctions facilitates the payment transaction between the buyer and seller. After the buyer makes payment, Escrow. If the buyer does not receive the domain name, the buyer can file a dispute within 15 days of the sale date.