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This page lists some of the cats  currently in  our care and is updated weekly.

  Please phone Jan our Homing Officer on 01935 507009

 Before re-homing, unless fully vaccinated, all our cats are blood tested, vaccinated, micro-chipped and have a medical check up at the vets to ensure they are healthy.  All our cats are fully vaccinated against flu, enteritis and leukaemia.  Do you know that it costs around a total of £150 per cat before adoption to ensure a cat is in the best of health, micro-chipped and neutered if necessary before it is put up for adoption.  Cats Protection asks adopters for a fee of £60 when re-homing a cat.  If you feel able to make a donation on top of the fee that would, of course, be gratefully received.

If you would like to adopt one of our adorable cats or kittens please phone our Homing Officer Jan now on 01935 507009 to chat through the adoption process, have a home check and then visit and reserve the one for you.

Website updated  9th October with beautiful, black, 5 year old Midnight.

Adopt with Confidence


Sapphire is 5 and a half years old and oh so loving and affectionate. She loves to rolly-polly and have her tum tickled. Because of previous sad life experiences Sapphire is looking for a home with an older couple or single lady. She needs a quiet calm home without dogs, cats or children as she is easily spooked. Sapphire is a jewel of a cat looking for home where she can shine.   Adopted 25th September.






Stunningly attractive Jenny is a neutered female 8 year old, black, grey and brown tabby. She loves to play with dangly toys and can get quite crazy! On the flip side she is very affectionate and loves being stroked and brushed on your lap. She will do anything for Dreamies!  Jenny is looking for a home with her companion Tabby and both lovelies are fine with older children.









Pretty Tabby is a neutered female 9 year old brown, black and white tabby. She will also play with dangly toys but is a bit more reserved. She loves stretching right out with one back leg in the air like a ballerina, purring loudly whilst having her rather round tummy tickled! She can be very vocal! Her foster carer is learning “CAT” fluently and Tabby quite likes watching the world go by outside the window. When she has had enough she retreats to her bed for a nice quiet snooze!
Tabby and Jenny are to be homed together as they have always been together and get on really well. They do not sleep together, but, pass each other and chirp or touch noses.  Both are fine with older children.





My name is Pandora and I am about a year old.  I don't like cats or dogs but I am fine with teenagers.   I am a little nervous at first but once I get o know you I just love attention and toys.  You won't believe it but I can have the stuffing out of a toy mouse in no time!  I am a house cat at present but with a little help I could start to go outside.

Pandora is looking for a home with Bambi.






My name is Bambi.  I am about 2 years old, a bit shy and like to hide at first but cuddles, laps and toys are great.  Batting balls around, a light meal and then a lap to sleep on is my idea of heaven.  Can you help?  PS  My idea of heaven does not include young children, cats or dogs.

Bambi is looking for a home with Pandora.









Cookie is an absolute gem of a cat.  At approximately 5 years old, she is a gentle and loving young lady.  She would be best suited to a quiet life without cats or dogs, preferably with older humans who can give her the love and attention she will so unconditionally give back.  A beautiful, adorable cat with the most appealing big eyes that will melt your heart.  As her foster carer I can tell you I just love her and know you will too.  ADOPTED 18TH SEPTEMBER.







Jack is a lovely, 2 year old boy who had an unfortunate start in life.  It has taken him a while to learn to trust humans and he can still be nervous when he sees people he doesn't know.  Jack would be happier in a quiet home without small children or other pets.  He may take some time to settle but the rewards would be fantastic.  Some previous cat experience would definitely be an advantage.







Petite, pretty Beanie is 3 years old.  Due to previous sad life experiences she was very nervous and wary of people when she came into care.  Since then, with the patient care of her foster carer, her confidence has grown.  She enjoys being stroked and purrs loudly.  Beanie is looking for a quiet loving home without other pets or children where she will get the love and affection she deserves.






5 year old Meko is extremely pretty with lovely markings on her soft coat.  Meko could not be more affectionate and adores being picked up and cuddled.  She has been kept as an indoor cat and has not had the life she deserves.  A quiet 'forever' home without other pets or children would best suit her and hopefully she will have a garden to enjoy.  RESERVED






Mini (female), Austin (black male) and Capri (female) came into care when a kind couple found them, along with their mother Aggie, under the garden shed.  Since coming into care, although timid, they are playful, affectionate and inquisitive.  Capri is the most adventurous and could be homed on her own.  It would be great if Mini and Austin could be homed together.  They were 9 weeks old on the 1st August and are now ready to move to loving 'forever' homes preferably without young children.







Exceptionally pretty Aggie is approximately 1 year old and has already had a litter of kittens.  Due to a sad start in life she is looking for a small quiet household with someone who will be extra patient and allow her time to adapt to her new surroundings.  She is rather nervous at first but once settled, her playful nature really shines through and she is delightful.  Her foster carer thinks that children would worry her but she might enjoy the company of another cat and a garden to explore would be perfect.






EVIE AND POPPIE  (devoted sisters)

Evie and Poppie (below) were homed by our Branch as kittens.  Now 4 years old they have sadly returned to our care due to a relationship split.  They are lovely affectionate girls.  Evie quite forcibly commands all the attention initially by constantly nudging your hand to stroke her but then will happily step away and let Poppie get the attention.  Poppie especially loves to be brushed.  have no road sense so their new home will need to be a cul-de-sac or somewhere with a large garden for them to explore.  As they are very close, they are looking for a home together without young children.  RESERVED





POPPIE (sister of Evie above) RESERVED











Beautifully black Midnight is 5 years old and everything you could wish for in a cat as she is affectionate, loves sitting on a lap and could be a house cat as she has never shown interest in going out.  Midnight does have a health requirement which will be explained to anyone interested in adopting her.  Midnight will add a little black magic to the life of anyone adopting this charming girl.  Could that lucky person be you?







LUPIN - a 5 year old girl.

Please keep looking at our website as we will soon have other lovely cats looking for their 'forever' homes.

If a kitten is not for you, then adopting an adult cat is just as rewarding, if not more, than taking on a kitten.  You may not see them grow up but you will see them grow in confidence and you will have a friend for life.  There will still be plenty of purr power in the kitty tank and a bundle of senior purring warmth beats an electric blanket on a winter night. 


If you would like to find out more about any of these cats or kittens please telephone Jan our Homing Officer on

  01935 507009

If you cannot adopt a cat, why not sponsor one of our foster chalets.

Sponsorship of Chalet - minimum donation of £5 per month for 6 months = £30 for 6 months.   For full details please contact Leslye Stansfield