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This page lists some of the cats  currently in  our care and is updated weekly.

  Please phone Jan our Homing Officer on 01935 507009

 Before re-homing, unless fully vaccinated, all our cats are blood tested, vaccinated, micro-chipped and have a medical check up at the vets to ensure they are healthy.  All our cats are fully vaccinated against flu, enteritis and leukaemia.  Do you know that it costs around a total of 150 per cat before adoption to ensure a cat is in the best of health, micro-chipped and neutered if necessary before it is put up for adoption.  Cats Protection asks adopters for a fee of 60 when re-homing a cat.  If you feel able to make a donation on top of the fee that would, of course, be gratefully received.

If you would like to adopt one of our adorable cats or kittens please phone our Homing Officer Jan now on 01935 507009 to chat through the adoption process, have a home check and then visit and reserve the one for you.

Website updated Tuesday 16th Jan with 8 utterly adorable kittens, five boys and 3 girls and an 8 year old sweetie called Ruby.

Adopt with Confidence



Petite, pretty Beanie is 3 years old.  Due to previous sad life experiences she was very nervous and wary of people when she came into care.  Since then, with the patient care of her foster carer, her confidence has grown.  She enjoys being stroked and purrs loudly.  Beanie is looking for a quiet loving home without other pets or children where she will get the love and affection she deserves. Adopted 12th January and soon made herself at home.  Her adopters are delighted with her.







Exceptionally pretty Aggie is approximately 1 year old and has already had a litter of kittens.  Due to a sad start in life she is looking for a small quiet household with someone who will be extra patient and allow her time to adapt to her new surroundings.  She is rather nervous at first but once settled, her playful nature really shines through and she is delightful.  Her foster carer thinks that children would worry her but she might enjoy the company of another cat and a garden to explore would be perfect.  Adopted 17th December







Lupin is a home loving girl.  She is so affectionate and loves to sit on a lap and be stroked as she loves comfort.  Lupin is also full of fun and loves playing, especially with a scrunched  up piece of paper.  Lupin can't wait to find her 'forever' home and her new owner is sure to find her an utter delight.  Adopted 18th December





DEXTER (also known as Lord Dexter)

Dexter is 7 years old, very sleek and with long legs and great big feet.  He looks and sounds quite regal.  He even meows like a Siamese cat.  Dexter is fine with children and dogs and might get on with another cat depending on its nature.  As he has no road sense, he is looking for a rural home with someone around a lot of the time as he craves attention.  He is extremely curious and has to investigate anything you might have in your hand.  He does this by standing on his back legs like a Meer cat!






SONNY -  First cat of the year to move to his 'forever' home along with his sister Teeny.  They are now called Boris and Betty

Lovely 18 month old ginger boy Sonny, although initially shy, once he gets to know you his sweet gentle nature shines through.  He came into care with his younger sister, Teeny, and is extremely patient with her when she persistently tries to engage him in play.  He tells her off when she gets too much!  Sonny and Teeny can be homed separately but if you are looking for 2 cats, they do get on well together.  Sonny & Teeny adopted together 4th January and now called Boris and Betty and are already settling in well.








Little Teeny is 7 months old and very much a live wire, not staying still long enough to get a good photo.  Although she looks to be black, her coat has a beautiful chocolate brown running through it.  She keeps fit by chasing her mouse on a string and emptying the toy basket, scattering various furry things around the room.  She purrs a lot and is very affectionate, rubbing noses at every opportunity and she loves her big brother Sonny.  Sonny & Teeny adopted togethjer 4th January and now called Boris and Betty and are already settling in well.








Super friendly Fed is about 8 years old.  He is a confident chunky lad with a beautiful coat and pristine white paws.  Fred is a perfect gentleman and handsome to boot!  He seems fine with other cats and would easily fit into a family home.  Could Fred be the cat you have been looking for?  His foster carer certainly thinks so.  Adopted 8th January and is already making himself at home and even sleeps on his adopter's bed..








Sparkle is just 6 months old and came into care in in a weak and pitiful state.  Since being carefully nursed back to full health, her true character has shone out and she is as playful and loving as you could wish for.  From time to time her 'social graces' can be lacking so a home with older children  and without other cats would best suit her.  She has cattitude in abundance and her foster carer loves her to bits.  Adopted 13th January








Themba is 7 years old and although he has been a stray for several years he is incredibly loving and playful.  He is so playful and affectionate that trying to get a half-decent photo of him proved high near impossible!  With his champagne coloured coat, beguiling eyes and trim figure, he is a very handsome lad.  Adopted 18th January










Sweet little Cola is about a year old and has already had a litter of kittens.  She is petite, playful and oh so loving.  Cola will make a wonderful family pet or be the devoted companion to slightly older adopters.  Cola will bring a little black magic into the life of whoever adopts her.  Reserved







Exceedingly handsome Shadow is a lovely 7 year old bear of a cat.  He originally came into care in 2017 when his loving owner passed away.  He was then adopted in May 2017 and has just returned to our carer as his adopters have moved abroad.  He is most affectionate, loves cuddles and laps and lived with a dog with his original owner.  Shadow is now looking for his 'forever' home and would like a garden as he enjoys exploring.  If you think you may have the 'purrfect' home for this lovely boy then please phone Jan our homing officer on 01935 507009  Adopted 13th January






The following 8 adorable kittens are siblings of varying colours, shapes and sizes.  All are very friendly, in good health and ready to be reserved for their new family.  They have been handled from very young so are used to being picked up and enjoy being stroked and most are purring when stroked.  Chasing and jumping on one another is still their main interest and they all join in the games.  Some are more boisterous than others but none would be described as quiet.  They will be 8 weeks old on 17th January. (It is a branch policy that young kittens can only be homed to families with children if they are aged 6 or above).


BASIL  Reserved





































































My name is Ruby.  I am 8 years old, very loving and attentive but would like to keep my humans to myself.  I became rather lost and confused when my first Mum moved a while ago but would now love a 'forever' home.  Although fit, my coiffeur is not quite up to scratch, but that's what comes of having no fixed abode.  Will you be the one to love me?




FLUFFY 11 month old female - black long haired

BEAR - 5 month old affectionate black male used to children.  

Due to recent homings, we have been able to take in other cats which we hope will soon adorn the website, so keeeeeep looking!

If a kitten is not for you, then adopting an adult cat is just as rewarding, if not more, than taking on a kitten.  You may not see them grow up but you will see them grow in confidence and you will have a friend for life.  There will still be plenty of purr power in the kitty tank and a bundle of senior purring warmth beats an electric blanket on a winter night. 


If you would like to find out more about any of these cats or kittens please telephone Jan our Homing Officer on

  01935 507009

If you cannot adopt a cat, why not sponsor one of our foster chalets.

Sponsorship of Chalet - minimum donation of 5 per month for 6 months = 30 for 6 months.   For full details please contact Leslye Stansfield